Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Upcoming events

Greetings all,
 Below is an amazing collection of upcoming events in the central Virginia bioregion!  Folks can sign up for the BRPN e-newsletter
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Christine and the BRPN team

1.   Living Earth School upcoming workshops near Charlottesville
~Nov 14-15 ~Saturday 9am – 5pm, Sunday 9am – 4pm
~Ages 16+
~EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT $200 for registrations received by Nov 1 (after this date, price goes to $225)
During this class, you will learn how to build and shoot a longbow under the guided instruction of our master bowmaker, Peter Yencken. You will leave the class with your bow, one arrow, and the knowledge to continue this ancient tradition.

Make your own Moccasin style leather shoes!
~Dec 12-13
~EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT $175 for registrations received by Dec 1 (after this date, price goes to $200)
Come join master crafter Peter Yenken to craft your own leather shoe that fits your foot perfectly. Imagine how amazing it would feel to walk in a hand crafted shoe made exactly for you, by .........you! Create a pair of shoes that allows the feet to function properly, as a foundation for balance and shock absorption. This class would be a great holiday gift to yourself or a loved one!

~Sundays 1-4pm ~Sept 27, Oct 11, Nov 29
~Open to all ages
~sliding scale, $5-15
What made those scratches on that tree? Whose footprints are those? Investigate the clues animals leave behind to discover behaviors and habits. Come join us as we explore signs of wildlife around Charlottesville!

~Three Wednesdays 5:30-7:30
~Ages 18+
~sliding scale, $10-25
Come out and keep the fires alive as the weather cools! Each class will cover a separate theme:
Sept 23- Bowdrill Mechanics (learn about the bowdrill and practice on our premade kits)
Oct 7- Making a Bowdrill Kit (make your very own kit!)
Oct 14- Hand Drill and Flint & Steel (challenge yourself with these methods!)

2. Allegheny Mountain School Fall Open House
Fall Open House
Please join us at the Allegheny Mountain Institute in Highland, VA for our second open house of the season on Saturday, September 26th from 1-5 pm.

Come meet the 2015 AMI Farm Fellows, learn what the AMI Senior Fellows are doing, tour the farm, and experience what the fellows have been learning and growing. Light snacks and beverages featuring fresh, AMI-grown produce will be provided.

3. Southern SARE Calls for Proposals for Producer Grants and On-Farm Research Grants
Application deadline Friday November 13 at 5:00 pm

The USDA Southern Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Program has released calls for proposals for two of its regular grant programs.  Producer Grants are offered to farmers or farmer groups to address production problems related to sustainable agriculture, and to reduce the financial risk of trying new sustainable tools and techniques in crop or livestock production.  Producer grants can range up to $10,000 for an individual farmer or $15,000 for a group, On-farm Research Grants are offered to Extension, University, or NGO agricultural professionals working with farmers to conduct on-farm research.  On-farm Research Grants can fund projects up to two years duration, with a maximum award of $15,000.

4. Irrigation Water Management Plan - An Overview Workshops
September 30, 2 pm Eastern, 60 minutes

NRCS conservation webinar presented by USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service - Science and Technology, National Technology Support Centers . Presenters include Hamid Farahani, Ph.D., Water Management Engineer, USDA NRCS East National Technology Support Center; and Peter Robinson, P.E., Water Management Engineer, USDA NRCS West National Technology Support Center.

Irrigation Water Management (IWM) Plans provide the producer with a guide for the proper management and application of irrigation water. The objective of IWM is to determine the volume, frequency, and rate of irrigation water application. IWM Plans promote achieving the desired crop response, optimizing the use of available water supplies, improving water quality, minimizing irrigation induced soil erosion, managing salts in the root zone, improving air quality by reducing movement of particulate matter, ensuring appropriate and safe chemigation practices, and reducing energy consumption. NRCS also utilizes IWM Plans within the context of Conservation Activity Plans (i.e., CAP 118). In this webinar, participants will be provided with a summary of the content and objectives of an IWM Plan, its components, data requirements, and write up. The webinar will include a discussion of a few sound irrigation scheduling methods and tools. The webinar is expected to be of value to most engineers, water managers, agronomists, planners, and field staff, as well as to extension specialists and Technical Service Providers who develop the CAP 118 for producers.

5. Grow Your Soil - Hands-on, Intensive Workshop
October 23-25 - Gladstone, VA

Do your plants need a boost?  Want more quaity and flavor - and more yield with less weeds and disease - naturally?
Simple Soil Solutions is offering a three-day workshop to help you achieve these through building soil life and soil health.  Fall is the best time to start to build soil. Learn how to balance your land to make your next growing season your best yet!  Come learn how you can grow lush, healthy and nutritious plants - biologically, with no chemicals, in the Grow Your Soil - Hands-on, Intensive Workshop!

What Youll Get From This 3-Day Workshop:
   How to balance the biology, chemistry and physics of the soil in cost effective, fast and efficient ways.
   Hands-on practices that you can do to build and feed the right balances of soil microbes to provide minerals for your plants
   Get recipes for success that take the guesswork out of your soil fertility
   Skip years of the learning curve by learning from a skilled grower
   Learn how plants fertilize themselves naturally - and what we can do to identify and correct when things are not working well
   You will use our proven designs to get your land healthy with simple application systems you can make yourself!
You will learn about compost and compost tea technologies - and when they are not needed.
Come join us to get close-up to all of the equipment needed for gardens, row crops, trees and shrubs.
You will learn how to find your soil's MISSING LINK and what approaches to take to simplify and streamline your way to healthy lush plants!

Reserve your spot now for $497.  Five special discounts are available for students, teams, educators, and non-profits.  To register, or to learn more, visit http://simplesoilsolutions.com/grow-your-soil-live-workshop?mc_cid=8bceab6e8d&mc_eid=b00a5d903f .

6. Small Farms:  Surviving and Thriving in the 21st Century
November 12-13 - Williamsburg, VA

Virginia State University's Small Farm Outreach program will hold its 13th Annual Small Farm Outreach Family Conference in Williamsburg, VA on November 12 and 13, 2015.  Save the Date.  Registration will open a little later this fall at http://goo.gl/forms/me1oJbzgEP. The event is FREE and will include a pre-conference tour to Clif Slade's farm, which has transitioned from conventional "big tractor" corn and soy to two acres of organic vegetables and heirloom seed production.

7.  Sacred Plant Traditions workshops
September 23, 2015 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
with Lorna Mauny - Brodek
An herbalist can be defined by their ability to offer plant medicine as a means to relieve suffering.  Our herbal practice is heightened as our understanding of these tools from the natural world grows.   .  Botany draws relationships between plants and as we begin to notice plant family relationships and the common herbal actions, qualities, or warnings associated with them, our understanding of the materia medica deepens and expands.  This class will cover Botanical Basics, from terminology to practical application.  Please bring a copy of Newcomb’s Field Guide and Botany in a Day if possible. Fee is $90.

with Lorna Mauny - Brodek
September 24, 2015
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
The art of Herbal Medicine Making is an endless pursuit, with wide ranging skills and equipment required.  It can be as simple as brewing a cup of tea or as complex as the multi-stepped production of a fluid extract.  The more skills you acquire, the greater will be your options as an herbalist to offer the appropriate remedy to satisfy your patient’s needs.  Building on the basics of Maceration and Decoctions, we will turn our attention to the art of Percolation which will open the door to Fluid Extraction.  This class will be a hybrid of demonstration and hands-on activity.  And if time allows, we will cut a couple percolation cones to show you how easy they are to make. Taught by Lorna Mauny-Brodek.  Fee for the class is $90.

8. Virginia Native Plant Society meeting
Field Trip to The Farm at Sunnyside
Saturday, September 26th, 2:00 pm at Washington, VA or carpool 12:30 from Charlottesville.
The Farm at Sunnyside goes beyond the organic label to take a more quantitative approach toward measuring the interactions between agriculture and wild species. The Farm operates a full-time conservation program dedicated to the promotion of beneficial biodiversity and ecosystem services. Sam Quinn, The Farm’s Conservation Manager, will show us how The Farm builds and maintains healthy populations of pollinators, crop pest predators and other important wildlife by managing the property as habitat.
You can either meet us at the Farm at Sunnyside, 27 Sweetwater Ln, Washington, VA 2274, at 2:00 p.m. or carpool with us from Charlottesville.  (Mapquest has the best directions to the farm:  Mapquest web site is http://www.mapquest.com/)  To carpool, meet at 12:30 in front of the Food Lion at 1740 Timberwood Blvd., in the strip mall just southeast of the intersection of Proffit Road and Rt. 29.  The tour will take roughly 2 or 2 ½ hours.

Virginia Native Plant Society meeting
Wednesday, October 14th, 7:30 pm, Education Building at Ivy Creek Natural Area, 1780 Earlysville Rd, Charlottesville.
“Ecosystem Gardening and Landscaping: The Scoop on the Benefits of Modeling Nature”
Devin Floyd , founder and director of the Center for Urban Habitats, will offer an ecological perspective of sustainable native plant gardening and landscaping, covering the following topics:
• Methods for creating viable solutions for native landscaping with habitat-modeled plant communities 
• How to choose the right definition of “native” to ensure pollinators and other wildlife have the support they need and improve natural biodiversity on a variety of scales with gardening and landscaping. 
• How to find the right species for your project-- and what local native ecosystems tell us about what we should be planting. 
• Examples of how best to tackle the primary planting challenges in urban and rural areas, including "hell strips,” “rain gardens,” “meadows,” and the “shady dry spot.”
Native Plant Walk
Saturday, October 17th, 9:00 am (NOTE TIME CHANGE!)
Ivy Creek Natural Area, 1780 Earlysville Rd, Charlottesville. Meet by the kiosk near the parking lot.
Mary Lee Epps will lead a walk focusing on fall trees.  Ivy Creek has a remarkable diversity of trees and many should be in their full autumn glory.  We may also see some interesting fall nuts and fruits.  Co-sponsored with Ivy Creek Foundation.
Pollinator Workshop
Saturday, October 31st, 9:30 am-2:00 pm, Education Building at Ivy Creek Natural Area, 1780 Earlysville Rd, Charlottesville.
Learn about pollinators:  who they are, what they need, and how to encourage them to visit your garden.  We will introduce you to the wide diversity of native bees and their interdependence with native plants.  In addition, Austin Jamison, with the Blue Ridge Division of Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage, will give guidance on planting a pollinator meadow. 
You will also have an opportunity to build your own mason bee house, and work in groups to design a pollinator garden under specified landscape conditions.  We hope to send you home with some native plant seeds, as fall is a great time to plant native perennials, many of which require a cold period before germination. 
Cost:  $15.00 for the cost of materials
Space is limited and preregistration is required (first come, first served).  To register send an email including your name and phone number to Ivycreekedprograms@gmail.com.  Payment instructions will be sent to you.
Virginia Native Plant Society Meeting
Wednesday, Nov. 11th, 7:30 pm
 Kevin Heffernan, Stewardship Biologist for Virginia’s Division of Natural Heritage, will be our featured presenter.
Native Plant Walk
Saturday, November 14th, 9:00 am (NOTE TIME CHANGE!), Ivy Creek Natural Area, 1780 Earlysville Rd, Charlottesville. Meet by the kiosk near the parking lot.
Ruth Douglas will lead this late fall walk, giving participants an opportunity to learn to recognize some of Ivy Creek’s wildflowers in their winter form; there are a surprising number of herbaceous wildflowers that can be identified from their dry stems and leaves.  Co-sponsored by the Ivy Creek Foundation. Meet by the kiosk near the parking lot.

9. Virginia Association for Biological Farming

Aquaculture Field Day
Thursday, October 22, VSU Randolph Farm, Petersburg

The Aquaculture Field Day offers participants the opportunity to learn about pond aquaculture and aquaponic production in Virginia from the VSU College of Agriculture. Discuss current best practices and other innovative programs in these areas, and network with new and experienced growers during the day. More Information.

On-Farm Twilight Vegetable Growers Meetings
September 29, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm, Brightwood Farm, Brightwood

Walk the site with the farmers, Dean and Susan Vidal, as they talk about their crops, pest management, marketing and procedures. Greenhouse specialist Chris Mullins of Virginia State University will provide input. Light refreshments will be provided. Rain or shine. Farm sells organic mixed vegetables, small fruit and value added fruit wines and preserves. Please RSVP to the Fauquier County Master Gardener help desk @ 540.341.7950 ext 1 or to tohlwile@vt.edu. There is no fee for attending.

Richmond Farm Tour
Saturday & Sunday, October 3 & 4, 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm - Richmond

VABF has teamed up with Ellwood Thompson's again this year to bring you the 2nd Annual Richmond Farm Tour! 21 Richmond area stops on the tour. Mark your calendar for October 3 & 4 and please spread the word. More Information.

Virginia Urban Agriculture Summit
Thursday & Friday, October 22-23, Crown Plaza Downtown, Richmond

Registration is now open and the agenda has been posted! To secure your hotel room, register by October 1. More Information

HARDY KIWI AVAILBLE in Charlottesville

I have bought several plants from Michael at Edible Landscaping over the years and created some wonderful fruit and nut trees/vines, etc.  Several years ago I bought and planted one male and 5-6 female Kiwi plants. I built a trellis and the plants have grown. In fact, it has become clear they were planted a bit too close to the neighbors and the vines have gotten at times into the nearby trees (which have also gotten bigger than they were at the time). All of this even with  pruning when possible despite travel, vacations, etc. And the cost of hiring people to prune (because of the close proximity to fences etc it is needed a lot) has proven untenable.  I write because I cannot keep up this cycle.  Would you or anyone/org you know be interested in transplanting them to a place where they will have more room to grow and produce fruit? Michael says it is possible. They are beautiful and grow the mini kiwis.
I do not want to cut them down if possible. They are located in the Little High neighborhood in Charlottesville.  Contact: Email: awgilkey@gmail.com

Class Title: Basic Animal Tracking: a 1-Day Class about Reading Nature’s Newspaper
Date: Saturday, September 26
Time: 10 am - 5 pm
Location: Earth Village Education, Overlook Farm, Marshall, VA 20115
Price: $60 - $100 sliding scale
Contact: Kevin MacDonald
Phone: 703-828-7443
Description: Imagine being able to glance at the ground and immediately know what animals were there in the past few days and what they were doing--as if you’re reading “nature’s newspaper.” Tracking is the key that opens the door to this incredible level of awareness. With practice, a skilled tracker can discern things about an animal the average person wouldn’t dream are possible, like whether it’s male or female, what direction it was looking, and even how long ago it ate food. This class will focus on honing your observation skills and increasing your ability to see subtle patterns and hidden clues. We’ll explore basic tracking principles, such as track identification, track classification, gait patterns, and animal sign tracking. We’ll learn about animal anatomy and behavior, and we’ll get close to the ground to study tracks and begin “reading” the stories on the land. If you want to expand your awareness, understand the natural world in profound new ways, become a better hunter or nature photographer, or simply experience the thrill of interacting with wild animals even when you don’t see them: this class is for you! This class is being conducted by Earth Village Education, a nonprofit organization based in northern Virginia. There is a sliding scale class fee from $60-$100. To register for the class visit http://earthvillageeducation.org/event/animal-tracking/

Class Title: Primitive Fire Making: a 1-Day Class about Making Fire by Rubbing Sticks Together
Date: Sunday, September 27
Time: 10 am - 5 pm
Location: Earth Village Education, Overlook Farm, Marshall, VA 20115
Price: $60 - $100 sliding scale
Contact: Kevin MacDonald
Phone: 703-828-7443
Description: Forget lighters, matches, crumpled-up newspapers, and quarts of lighter fluid. In this class you’ll discover how to walk into the woods and make fire “by rubbing sticks together,” using only materials found in nature! The ability to make fire is one of the most important of all wilderness skills, but for many people it’s a mysterious, unpredictable, and sometimes frustrating one. Our goal in this class is to help you gain a profoundly deeper understanding of fire: how to choose and gather fuel, build efficient fire structures, start fires using a variety of methods (even in difficult conditions), and fully utilize fire for everything from modern campouts to primitive living situations. After learning these essential fire skills, you’ll construct the two most universal primitive fire-making methods: the bowdrill and hand drill. We will explore all key aspects of these ancient techniques, including proper form, materials selection, and modifications for specific environments. The class will include a combination of lecture, demonstration, and guided hands-on practice. You will make two fire kits to take home, as well as the knowledge and skills to make more. By the end of this class you will be able to make a working fire kit anywhere in the world...no matches necessary. This class is being conducted by Earth Village Education, a nonprofit organization based in northern Virginia. There is a sliding scale class fee from $60-$100. To register for the class visit http://earthvillageeducation.org/event/primitive-fire-making/

Event Title: Trees & Chainsaws: a 1-day Class about their Care and Use
Date: Sunday,  October 4
Time: 10 am - 5 pm
Location: Earth Village Education, Overlook Farm, Marshall, VA 20115
Price: $60 - $100 sliding scale
Contact: Kevin MacDonald
Phone: 703-828-7443
Description: Do you have trees on your property you want to manage and keep healthy? Do you heat with wood, and do you want to be more efficient at putting up firewood? Do you own a chainsaw, but you aren’t sure how to sharpen it, maintain it, or use it safely or effectively? Do you want to learn chainsaw and tree-felling tips and tricks from an expert? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, this class is for you! Join us as a certified arborist with 35 years of experience shares some of his vast knowledge and skills. We’ll start off by learning about trees: how to identify them, how they respond to damage and disease, and how to evaluate, fertilize, and prune the trees in your yard. Next we’ll focus on chainsaws. Most importantly, we’ll talk about safety. Chainsaws have the potential to be incredibly dangerous, so we’ll discuss risk factors and safety best practices. Then we’ll learn how to sharpen and maintain chainsaws, and how to use them effectively, even for difficult or tricky cuts. After that, we’ll head into the woods and cover all the steps involved in safely felling trees, including limbing and bucking dropped trees. Finally, we’ll talk about firewood. We’ll learn about maul and axe use, care, and safety. Then we’ll discuss tips and tricks for splitting, moving, stacking, and seasoning firewood. This class is being conducted by Earth Village Education, a nonprofit organization based in northern Virginia. There is a sliding scale class fee from $60-$100. To register for the class visit http://earthvillageeducation.org/event/trees-and-chainsaws/

Class Title: Deerskin to Buckskin: a 3-Day Class about Hide Tanning
Date: Friday, October 16 - Sunday, October 18
Time: 10 am - 5 pm all 3 days
Location: Earth Village Education, Overlook Farm, Marshall, VA 20115
Price: $200 - $300 sliding scale
Contact: Kevin MacDonald
Phone: 703-828-7443
Description: Discover how to make your own soft, durable cloth using local, renewable resources! In this three-day hands-on class you’ll learn the ancient art of transforming deer hides into buckskin. Buckskin is an amazing fabric--strong, supple, and breathable--that’s easy to hand-stitch and perfect for making bags, pouches, moccasins, shirts, pants, dresses, and more. We’ll start with raw deer hides from last hunting season. Using “wet-scrape brain-tanning” techniques that have been refined by our ancestors for thousands of years, we’ll soak, scrape, wring, soften, and smoke the hides. The transformation of deerskin to leather beneath your own hands is an almost magical experience--the process is fascinating, and the finished product is delightful. Each participant will bring home his or her own finished buckskin, and of course the knowledge and skills to make more. No previous experience is necessary, and we’ll provide all the tools and materials. This class is being conducted by Earth Village Education, a nonprofit organization based in northern Virginia. There is a sliding scale class fee from $200-$300. To register for the class visit http://earthvillageeducation.org/event/deerskin-to-buckskin-primitive-hide-tanning/

From our friends at Transition Cville:

Thursday 9/24 Film:  "Arctic Dance"
7pm at the Ivy Creek Natural Area
This movie details the life of Mardy Murie who is often referred to as the mother of the American conservation movement. She, together with her husband Olaus, spent her life (101 years of it!) studying the natural world and advocating for its protection. She was instrumental in the creation of the Arctic National Wildlife refuge. In 1998 she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Clinton.  Come watch and discuss with Wild Virginia!  Free.  https://salsa4.salsalabs.com/o/51365/p/salsa/event/common/public/

Thursday 9/24 Albemarle Supervisor Candidates Forum on Environmental Issues
7-9pm at the Albemarle County Building, 410 McIntire Rd.
Join us as the BOS candidates discuss their positions on local environmental issues!
Participating Candidates:  Norman Dill, Lawrence Gaughan, Richard Lloyd, Ann Mallek, Rick Randolph, and Earl Smith.  This non-partisan event is organized by the Piedmont Group of the Sierra Club, and co-sponsored by many other fine groups in town, including Transition Charlottesville-Albemarle!  http://www.cvilletomorrow.org/calendar/21541-local-candidate-forum-hosted-by-sierra-club/

Friday 9/25 Tom Tom Social Impact Investing Conference
9am-4pm at Newcomb Hall
Virginia leaders from the public and private sectors gather to discuss Social Impact Bonds (SIBs), an innovative financing mechanism that brings needed capital to at-risk populations while focusing on results. More info: tomtomfest.com/events/social-impact-investing-conference Questions? Contact Joshua Ogburn at jlo9uc@virginia.edu.

Saturday - Sunday  9/26 - 9/27 Disaster & Wilderness First Aid Class
8:30am-6:30pm at Jordan Hall, UVA
Accidents and terrorism happen, and all-too-often members of a group are not capable of dealing with the emergency.  This leads to improper care of the patient, and endangers the entire group.  Very few first aid programs actually address the issues of providing emergency care in a setting where 911 is overwhelmed or not reachable.  In this course, learn how to care for an injured/ill person during the critical minutes or hours before ambulance/hospital arrival.  Blend of classroom instruction, and hands-on problem-solving rescue scenario practice.  No prerequisites.  For adults, and focused youths ages 12+.  Know your loved ones are safe wherever they are.  $185.  http://www.solowfa.com/

Saturday 9/26 Cville Vegetarian Festival
11am-5pm at Lee Park
Enjoy music and entertainment from local artists, cooking demonstrations and information sessions, and of course, some of the region's best vegetarian and vegan food from local food trucks and restaurants.  http://www.cvillevegfest.org/

Saturday 9/26 Virginia Clay Festival
10am-5pm in Stanardsville
This art show celebrates the creative possibilities of clay and is a gathering of potters, sculptors and jewelers selling their latest work.  All in clay! Have you ever looked at a handcrafted pot or sculpture and said to yourself, "How did they do that?"  Each artist will give a demo of a technique explaining what makes their work unique.  Meet the artists, learn about what they do and help support local craftspeople.  http://www.virginiaclayfestival.com/

Friday 10/2 Rivanna River Renaissance Conference
8:30am-5pm at Albemarle County Building, 410 McIntire
RCS, Charlottesville and the counties of Albermarle, FLuvana and Greene, along with a other water related organizations are joining together to highlight the importance of the Rivanna and its watershed to the Charlottesville community.  $25 registration fee, click http://rivannariverbasin.org/ to register.

Saturday 10/10 Organic Orchard Planning and Fruit Tasting
9am-4pm at 912 Woodfolk Dr.
All-day intensive workshop featuring Michael McConkey of Edible Landscaping and Alexis Zeigler from Living Energy Farm.  Have you ever tasted jujubes, muscadines, persimmons, homegrown pomegranates, filberts, homegrown almonds? Here's your chance to taste these and other fruits, and to learn how to grow your own organic orchard as well!  $50.  Contact: Debbie Piesen, livingenergyfarm@gmail.com, 540-205-0433 to register.  http://ediblelandscaping.com/workshops.php?id=7

Vegetarian Festival Volunteers Needed!
Multiple shifts and ways to help available on 9/26.  All volunteers will receive a free VegFest T-shirt.  Plus, this is your chance to be part of one of the few zero waste festivals around.  Sign up for as little as one hour at http://www.cvillevegfest.org/volunteer.

Volunteer Opportunity:  Composting at Tom Tom Festival
The local non-profit GreenBlue is partnering with the Tom Tom Founders Festival and Black Bear Composting to bring composting to the festival's Fall Block Party at the IX Art Park on Friday 9/25 and Saturday 9/26. Volunteers are needed to help guide attendees on where to put their food waste and educate them on what can be composted. You'll help avoid contamination!  You'll also hear a great soundtrack from local musicians as you work! If you'd like to volunteer, you can sign up on this Doodle poll:  http://doodle.com/poll/wf9rsyzyty9iyhyu or contact shea.zwerver@greenblue.org if you have any questions. 

Transition Streets Popping Up Around Town!
Yes, several neighborhoods are starting their own Transition Streets, meeting through 7 sessions on energy, waste, water, etc.  It's a great way to meet your neighbors as well as reduce your carbon footprint.  Want to learn more?  Contact transitionstreetscville@gmail.com to get started!

Weds, September 30 - Virginia DEQ listening sessions on the final EPA Clean Power Plan continue with a hearing in Henrico, just west of Richmond, at 5:00 pm (see Harrisonburg event description above) RSVP now and you'll receive carpool information.